Xano is the Lysian Goddess of fire and change. She is one of the Thirteen creators of the world, and a widely accepted and cherished god. She is commonly worshipped by the warrior and blacksmith, and her patron army, the legendary Sons of Xano, is the largest and deadliest in Lysia. Her patron city is Amrosa, where most Lysian weapons and armor are crafted and where the Sons of Xano are stationed. Xano was killed during the first War of the Gods, thousands of years before the recorded history of humans. She was resurrected by Turil during the second War of the Gods, only to be promptly defeated by Raeem the Redeemer and his company.


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First LifeEdit

War of the GodsEdit





Original FollowersEdit


The Sons of XanoEdit

Following after DeathEdit

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