Vaenyr (officially "The Ardhian Kingdom and Republic of Vaenyr") is a country in eastern Elyzia. Ruled by an elected king, Vaenyr began as the Ardhian Province of Rystav. It won its independence in 4 BF, and was renamed Vaenyr, after Vaen Dyral, its first king, in 22 AF. In 175 AF, after a civil war and a Lysian invasion, the country was made into a Republic, with the king being elected by the major houses. Despite this change, House Dyral kept power, and the son of the previous king was consistently elected. In 300 AF, following another civil war, House Saesyr took power from House Dyral. In 407 AF, Vaenyr conquered the whole of Lysia, making it a subject of the kingdom.


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