The Turilian Brotherhood was a Lysian religious group dedicated to the worship and advancement of Turil , the God of freedom and conflict. It was formed in Evaz in 407 AF, during the Riots. The work of a mysterious priest of Turil known only as Father, the Turilian Brotherhood fled Evaz and made its home in a remote location in the Lysian Desert. From there, it terrorized Lysia, killing Vaenyrians and Lysians loyal to Sultan Zyraan II.

The Brotherood's most well-known act was the resurrection of Turil in 408 AF. The Brotherhood moved its base to th Alaq Mountains, and proceeded to reanimate the bodies of Turil and Idrios, hoping to start a new War of the Gods. Nearly all the Brothers were killed in the ensuing conflict, and the resurrected gods were only stopped by Raeem the Redeemer and his companions





The Awakening of the GodsEdit

Aftermath and DissolutionEdit

Place in Lysian LegendEdit

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