The Violent Sands of Phoque (often referred to simply as Phoque) is a region in the northeast corner of the Great Desert, to the west of Lysia . The region is infamous for its relentless sandstorms, blistering heat, and lack of life. Few travellers have made it through the Sands, and most travellers avoid it entirely, taking long detours to north and south.

The Violent Sands of Phoque have long held a place in Lysian, Vaenyrian, Alaqi, and Bedouin legend and myth. Different groups of Lysians believe Phoque is the creation of their patron god: followers of Turil , Xano, Dedra, and Barandi all hold Phoque in sacred fear.

Many Lysians believe that Phoque is home to several powerful creatures. Although there is little documented evidene of such monsters, many travellers report seeing giant beasts made of sand and stone in the area. Most Lysians attribute such visions to mirage.