Qaym is a city in northeastern Lysia, on the Daria River and the western edges of the Forest of Giants. Known as the City of Giants, Qaym is an access point and a base camp for those who would venture into the forest. During the War of the Giants, Qaym was established as a military camp. After the war, it was converted into a permanent settlement, and a haven for adventureres, fortune-seekers, and explorers. It is ruled by the House of Rasheir, the descendents of Rasheir the Brave, the leader of the first official Lysian expeditions into the Forest. Its patron god is Nayr, the god of giants and the hunt.



War of the GiantsEdit

Transfer to permanent settlementEdit

Later HistoryEdit

Third Vaenyrian WarEdit


House of RasheirEdit


City of GiantsEdit



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