The Principality of Neria is a large country in northwestern Elyzia, west of the Great Desert and south of the western Alaq Mountains. It is the largest country in the known world in terms of population and land, and is often considered one of the most powerful and influential countries in existence. Neria was originally founded in 1950 BF as the First Kingdom of Neria, but has gone through four major changes of government. The modern-day Principality of Neria was established in 74 AF following the Prince's Uprising.

Neria is famous for its unique social relations. Men and women are considered equals in Neria, and lineage and family names are actually derived from the mother rather than the father. Although they have a hereditary system of government, the firstborn child of the Prince (whether it is male or female) becomes heir to the throne. The leader of the country is known as the Prince, even if the leader is female. Women serve in the Nerian army and hold many high-ranking positions in government, the military, and society. It is often derisively referred to as the Woman's State.


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