Koursh is a city in northeastern Lysia, on the Darian Delta. It is primarily an agricultural city, and is often referred to as North Busna for its southern counterpart. It was founded by the Pasha of Daria in 58 AF as an agricultural center. Sitting on the end of the Sand Road, it faciliates land trade between the north and west. It also has some maritime trade. The people of Koursh are often viewed as more loyal to Daria than to Irsham, and have always had a strained relationship with the Sultan. It is ruled by an offshoot of the House of Daryal, normally referred to as the Farmer Daryals. Its patron god is Cresir, the god of water and famine.



Early Lysian HistoryEdit

Lysian Civil WarEdit

Late Lysian HistoryEdit

Third Vaenyrian WarEdit


House of DaryalEdit





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