Idrios is the Lysian God of power and authority. He is known as the King of Gods, and according to myth is responsible for mankind's lust for power and domination over others. He is the patron God of Irsham and the al-Khyr family, the sultanic house of Lysia. He was slain fighting Turil in the first War of the Gods, thousands of years before the recorded history of humans. Since then, he has existed in the myths and legends of the Lysian people. He was reanimated during the Awakening of the Gods in 408 AF, only to be promptly defeated by Raeem the Redeemer and his company.


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First LifeEdit

War of the GodsEdit





Original FollowersEdit

Irsham and House of KhyrEdit

Influence on VaenyrEdit

Following after DeathEdit

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