The Free Republic of Heilang is a country in the central Alaq Mountains, north of the Great Desert. Heilang was founded in 162 AF by a group of wandering dissidents from Neria, Lysia, Raq'ina, Alaqar, and the states of the Far Desert. The country is located in a fertile valley deep within the mountains that is only accessible by dangerous and narrow trails. It remained hidden for many years while its people grew in number and established a civilization. Although unknown to the world, Heilang sent people to many countries in Elyzia to monitor their societies, bring new technologies, and earn money. As a result, Heilang grew extremely wealthy and advanced. They were discovered by the men of Dalmyr in 203 AF, and developed a close trade relationship with them. In 356 AF, they revealed themselves to the Principality of Neria, and established an alliance and numerous trade deals. In 384 AF, they revealed themselves to Lysia, and began construction of a canal from Oro to Fallez. After the Third Vaenyr-Lysia War, Vaenyr began creating several agreements and pacts with Heilang, and thus it was revealed to the rest of Elyzia.

Heilang is recognized as the world's only truly representative government. The highest authority in the country is the Congress of Ziri, a body of fifty-four popularly elected officials. The Head of Congress is the country's Head of State, but he has no more authority than any other Congressman. Heilangian culture, although derived from the many cultures of its founders, is extremely unique and vibrant. The people of the country are the richest in the world.




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