Fanour is a city in southwestern Lysia, east of the Maras watershed and north of the Bay of Evzano. It is located in the middle of the desert, and has few permanent residents. It serves as the center of Bedouin life and culture, and all Bedouin tribes are represented in the city. It is the capital of the Bedouin nation, a semi-autonomous state within the Sultanate of Lysia. The city is the oldest settlement in Lysia - the oasis on which it was built has been a meeting place for the Bedouin for at least a millenium. After the Holy War, Sultan Lyss requested the Bedouin select a capital city and a leader. At the Council of Qamir, Fanour was selected. Its patron is Qamir, goddess of perception and the wanderer and patron of the Bedouin people. After the Third Vaenyrian War, it remained the only city with no Vaenyrian military or administrative presence.



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