Evaz is a city in southern Lysia . Located on the northeast corner of the Bay of Evzano, Evaz is a major commercial center in Lysia. It was founded by Lysians shortly after the Holy War, in 43 AF. Evnisioned as a City of Turil , it has frequently been at odds with Irsham and the Sultan. Its sailors made many discoveries in the early days of Lysia, mapping out the entirety of Elyzia and parts of Baesha. Ruled by the House of Turu, Evaz often resists Sultanic power, and in 318 AF, it fought against Irsham in the Battle of Gods. Lysian sailors seized the Vaenyrian vessel the Luminor in 394, leading to the Treaty of Bayza and the Third Vaenyrian War. After the Treaty of Junra was signed in 407 AF, worship of Turil became illegal, prompting the Evaz Riots of 407. It was from this chaos that the Turilian Brotherhood was formed.



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