Datal is a city in southwestern Lysia on the coast of the Ushian Sea. At the junction of the Maras Delta and the Sea, it serves as Lysia's primary port for international trade, and until 403 AF, was the largest seaport in the known world. It was founded by Vaenyrian colonists as "Dartalya" in 2 BF, making it the oldest permanent settlement in what is now known as Lysia. It was the last city to fall to Lyss' conquest during the Holy War, whereupon its name was changed to Datal, which is how the Lysian conquerors pronounced Dartalya. It became the seat of power for the House of Rani, who are still Pashas to this day. Datal has grown to substantial importance in the Sultanate of Lysia. The entire western half of the country depends on its trade, as does all trade between the countries western and eastern halves. It was blockaded by the Vaenyrians during the Third Vaenyrian War, causing poverty throughout western Lysia. It was conquered by land by General Maelys Iraes and the 1st Expeditionary Force, and used as the Vaenyrian base during the Deltaic War. Since the war, it has recovered most of its trade, but is not the power it once was before the war.




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