Daria is a city in northwestern Lysia. Its name derives from the Vaenyrian word for "Northern Territory", and was once used to describe all of the Vaenyrian north. During the Lysian era, Daria was used to refer to the principle city in the north (known to Vaenyr as Daria Rysos) and the cities of the Daria River. Although it has no special legal standing, it is often seen as the capital of northern Lysia. It is Lysia's second largest trading port, exporting mining and agricultural products and exotic goods from the Forest of Giants. It was founded by Vaenyrian settlerse in 3 BF, their first northern city. It is ruled by the House of Daryal, one of the most powerful families in all of Lysia. It is said that the cities of the north are more loyal to the House of Daryal than the sultanic House of Khyr. Daria's patron god is Hassir, the god of gravity and the forest.



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