Busna is a Lysian city in the Maras Delta. It is an agricultural hub, serving as the main economic center and trading post for most of the farmers of the vast and fertile delta. It was founded in 22 AF as Ano Kyro by Vaenyrian settlers, and conquered by Lyss the Great in 41 AF, near the end of the Holy War. It was granted to Busni al-Naraf, and the city was renamed in his honor. The House of Naraf has ruled the city as Pashas ever since. It thrived for most of Lysia's history, but during the Deltaic War of 403 to 405 AF, it was razed to the ground over the course of a series of battles and sieges. Since then, significant efforts have been made toward its reconstruction, but it retains only a fraction of its size, wealth, and importance. Its patron god is Fisio, the god of the harvest and of disease.


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