Amrosa is a city in northeastern Lysia. It is Lysia's most militaristic city, and its culture revolves around its army, the Sons of Xano. Xano is its patron god, due to the natural forges underneath the city. Its forges make it a center for weapons manufacturing. Nearly half of its population are soldiers: all of the men from northern Lysia flock to the city for training. It is located on an oasis in the Lysian Desert, next to a large shield volcano. The volcano's heat is used for weapons manufacturing. It is ruled by the House of Ruunya. Due to its proximity to the Daria region, it is typically seen as more loyal to the Pasha of Daria than to the Sultan of Lysia.


Prehistoric EraEdit


Early Lysian HistoryEdit

Lysian Civil WarEdit

Late Lysian HistoryEdit

Changes After Third Vaenyrian WarEdit


House of RuunyaEdit


Sons of XanoEdit




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